Careers at Retail Prodigy Group

Retail Prodigy Group is focused on attracting and retaining the best retail talent across Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to building a culture where our team mates are constantly challenged, learning and having fun. You will be part of an energetic and passionate team, committed to creating the Ultimate Customer Experience.

RPG’s Culture

It all starts with the word “PRODIGY”.

Prodigy meaning phenomenon, wonder, star, genius.

At RPG, we are committed to attracting and developing Retail Prodigies. We are building a culture where our teams are constantly challenged, learning and having fun. At RPG we care for our team mates and take pride in supporting and fostering a culture of employee development through relentless coaching and innovative learning experiences.

We believe in helping every single team member reach their personal best.

We are inspired by the words of track athlete, Steve Prefontaine… “to give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift”

RPG’s Value

At RPG we share 5 Core Values that underline and support everything we do. We take these values very seriously, as they shape the culture of our company through our actions and behaviours.

CARE—Be all in: At RPG we are dedicated to our Team’s success. This is only possible with a Genuine Care for our Customers, our People, our Partners and our Company.

COACH—Inspire, challenge & develop: Winning teams recognise and respect player’s strengths and weaknesses. At RPG, we are committed to developing our team mates to reach their personal best through Coaching.

ENERGY—Bring your best: At RPG, we are convinced that energy is the life blood that fuels our success. We can choose to be energy givers or energy drainers... easy choice!

ACCOUNTABILITY—Get it done: At RPG, there are no cheap seats. Everyone contributes and everyone is accountable. We don’t play the blame game. We don’t accept mediocrity. Once we step out on the pitch, we GET IT DONE!

INNOVATE—Good to great: At RPG, we value innovation and expect it from everyone. It requires courage and no fear of failure. We challenge the status quo and continuously look to make things better.

Why work for us

Great brands

A unique opportunity to represent brands such as Nike, TOMS and Samsung

Employee benefits

Generous staff discounts, uniform allowances, competitive salary and the opportunity to earn bonuses and incentives… Oh plus a paid day off on your birthday for all full time employees.

Career development

We are always building a strong reserve bench for future career opportunities through training camps and innovative experiences

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