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Nike brings popular personalisation service to Australia

Nike has brought its popular ‘Nike By You’ customisation service to Australia. Launching in Nike’s redesigned Melbourne Central store, which opened last Friday, the service allows customers to personalise their Nike sneakers and apparel by printing and engraving their chosen initials or phrase on items and choosing coloured laces for sneakers.


Nike’s in-store customisation ‘Nike By You’ has landed in Australia

Nike fans, rejoice. A first-ever Nike customisation station, Nike By You, has cemented a permanent position in the brand’s next-level, redesigned two-storey city store and it’s certainly one for your weekend hit list.Today, Nike has brought its customisation service, Nike by You, off the internet and into a physical Australian retail space for the first time. And with it comes an extreme makeover of the Nike Melbourne Central store.

The brand has decked out the double-storey location with a new layout, transforming the typical retail destination into more of a concept space. It delivers a lot of forward-thinking initiatives, specifically targeting women with the aim of encouraging their individual sporting pursuits.