Loud & Proud. Born & bred in San Francisco. Now available in Australia.

Founded by SF bike messenger Rob Honeycutt, TIMBUK2 created the iconic messenger bag in 1989. Since then, we've been making bags built to last a lifetime right here in the Mission District. This is the TIMBUK2 story.

Since the mid 20th century San Francisco has been known as a centre for the American counterculture. Home of the Beat poets, hippies and other radicals during the ‘Summer of Love’, and a leading centre of gay rights activism. San Francisco remains a culturally vibrant city. It takes pride in a pluralistic arts scene that fluidly crosses the boundary between ‘high art’ and ‘alternative culture.’ San Francisco has more artists and art organisations per capita than any other major United States city. Nearby Silicon Valley, has made the city a world centre of innovation and start-up culture. The home of Google, NASA, Tesla, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter. The spirit of San Francisco, innovation and culture is what TIMBUK2 now brings to Australia and New Zealand.

The T2 story

It was never about bags.

What began as a commitment to craft and local manufacturing became a revolution in business practices — Rob’s unique vision transformed the manufacturing process.

The Timbuk2 purpose

Urban progress by design.

Better products. Better communities. Better cities. TIMBUK2 are committed to improving life in the city through local manufacturing and by designing long-lasting products that enable freedom for the digital nomad.


Manufacture within the city and be an active member of the community.

Timbuk2 has always believed that the best manufacturing is local manufacturing.


As long as you own it, T2 will repair it.

While not the most profitable way of doing business, it’s the right way.


Pay attention to how people live, then design accordingly.

Built for the modern urbanite with places to go and people to see.

Timbuk2 products

Made for the Digital Nomad.

Born of bike messenger culture, Timbuk2 bags were created to get stuff across town with ease. Each product is built to perform in the city, first, everywhere else, second. Once and only once this design challenge has been met, does the painstaking process of construction and craft begin. Each bag flows through a cycle of uncompromising care, craftsmanship, and serious product testing, resulting in a product you can trust.

Make it well. Or don’t make it.

Through strong commitment to quality, TIMBUK2 products are built to last a lifetime; it’s not uncommon for Timbuk2 bags to outlast relationships, jobs, and even pets (meow).

TK2 select materials that are tough enough for whatever life throws at you, and recycle bags you’re ready to break up with. Additionally, the Lifetime Warranty covers any defects or tragic fails you may encounter over time.

Timbuk2 Ambassadors

Future shapers.

TIMBUK2 stand by creativity as the answer to the challenges facing us around the corner of time, championing the individuals that set out every day, to shake up the status quo and enable greater access, opportunity, and equality for the next generation of future shapers. Be fearless. Ask for permission later.

Inside Timbuk2

Modesty is the best policy. But these are facts we think anyone can appreciate.


Tossed in the last two years


Manufacturer in San Francisco


Proud pioneers of digital customisation

Timbuk2 Down Under

In Australia and New Zealand TIMBUK2 is represented by the Retail Prodigy Group. We sell & distribute TIMBUK2 products and support their mission to connect people with well-designed and long-lasting products that enhance city living, and enable freedom for the digital nomad.

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